Volunteer for The Barber Fund!

Volunteering is an extremely rewarding experience. Our volunteers provide crucial support and aid to the continuing mission of The Barber Fund! Through the generous gift of time, talents and personal interests, our volunteers supplement the work of staff members in offering many special services that are so important to recipients and their families. 

While there are specific volunteer benefits, the greatest award is the knowledge that you help to extend the best patient care possible to those who truly need it. Apply today!

Whether it’s giving a patient a ride to chemotherapy, putting together a team for Relay For Life®, or simply just being there to talk to and offer encouragement,  there are multiple ways you can join the fight against cancer.   A great way to get involved with The Barber Fund is to participate in an event! We have a variety of events to choose from.


Are you a business owner looking to get involved?


Get the spirit of camaraderie and compassion by volunteering. Contact us to see how you can help!


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